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(This game was made for miniLD 35, which had the theme "Dare")

A ship is on its way to Earth when asteroids appear. Guns are too expensive and stuff, so to defeat them you can only use the power of YOUR KEYBOARD.

How long can you take?

-One button is too little, eight buttons is "ok", but what if you had about forty seven buttons? Welcome to String Raider.

-Pseudo-ASCII/Glitch aesthetics, just because I dared to do it.

-Compare your scores with other players, or tweet intergalactic gibberish to your followers.

-Hotseat action! One player takes control of the ship with A-Z, which has to survive for 30 secs, while the other controls the asteroids with 0-9. For player 2 I recommend using the numpad numbers, but if you want to dare me and your opponent and use the numbers above the letters, then go ahead!